Our mission this year has been focused on switching the Taje S18 collection towards a fully sustainable brand. Our next collection “Sumatra” will be made from recycled Nylon and 100% plastic free packaging. Our new concept is focused on less waste with a more minimal mindset on fashion and consumerism. We do not believe in fast-fashion and mass-producing therefor we have made sure that our swimwear is top quality to be an essential part of our customers wardrobe that is able to be worn over many years. Each Taje Swimwear piece is made to last a long time and durable for all adventures.


  • Recycled Fabric created from fishing nets collected in our oceans.

  • Hang tags made from recycled paper & natural string made from plants.

  • Packaging made from biodegradable Cassava Root

  • Shipping carton box made from recycled material

  • Sealed with recycled plastic free paper sticker

These are the only materials used on our product to ensure as minimal waste as possible.

Transparency is what we are all about, here are some details we want to be open about:

  • Our swimwear does not come with a Hygiene Protection Sticker. This is due to the fact of not being able to find 100% biodegradable or paper based materials for this. We want to make sure that we are not contributing to any more waste. Our swimwear is guaranteed to have never been used prior shipping or after production. Regardless any purchased clothing should always be washed before wearing. We have recently found 100% plastic free hygiene stickers made from Paper only. Coming soon.

  • Our Elastic - Taje has yet to source top quality recycled Elastic material for our swimwear, the non-recycled elastic we are currently using is of very good quality which means it will last a very long time. Our next mission is to use recycled elastic within the next few months so our products can be 100% made from recycled materials.

  • Each swimwear after production and quality control is packaged in our own biodegradable cassava bags, no plastic packaging is used in the process.

  • Our factory only produces small batches at a time. Taje is not a mass-producing brand, just a small independent business supporting local businesses around Indonesia and producing very small quantities at a time.

  • We make sure to make as little waste as possible with our fabric and all cut-offs will try to be used and recycled.

  • Our factory is located just 10 minutes away from our office and delivers goods every so couple of months, this helps us reduce our carbon footprint with transportation.

  • We ship the swimwear 3 times a week only, this means our courier truck will only come 3 times a week to our office instead of daily. This is the best we can do to reduce carbon footprint and pollution but still get the goods delivered to you as regularly as possible.

    We really hope to be able to offer products to customers that are looking to make a difference and to encourage people to support the movement of slow fashion, brand transparency, ethical fashion, and less waste.

    EACH piecE from this collection IS timeless and part of a sustainable movement.

we are always open to suggestions & recommendations to improve our vision, please feel free to contact us anytime!